LCM Podcast EP4: Culture – Can you measure it?

In this episode, Eric Lynn, founder of Culture Q’s, and I discuss culture, including whether or not you can measure it and why the approach some companies take is the wrong way to do it.

This episode was recorded at #DareFest in Belgium so I apologize for the audio as I didn’t have my studio mic with me!

If you’re interested in being part of the followup conversation, contact me!

About Eric

Eric-Portrait_1aI began developing cultureQs® in 2002, picking up on a challenge from a client while facilitating a post-acquisition integration process in the rail industry.

As a facilitator and coach, I focus on Cultural Integration, Change and Aligned Leadership (leading from the inside out): the defining themes throughout my professional and personal life.

Having lived and worked on 4 continents, including a period of 8 years in Asia, I am now based in Berlin while continuing to travel and support clients throughout the world that wish to benefit from the multi-facetted diversity that is part of everyday life everywhere. This is opportunity.
I work in both English and German.

When not working, I enjoy travelling, cycling and trekking in the mountains as well as spending time with my 3 adult children … and love the energy that emerges when a group of open, passionate positively provocative people come together to catalyse positive change.


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