LCM Podcast 10 – How Organizational Change Mimics Social Movements

In 2001, the Agile Manifesto was created and along with it, a movement for a better way to build software. Since then over 40 methods, tools, frameworks and more have been created as the software world learned that 4 values and 12 principles alone were not enough.

16 years later, and some feel that we need to take Agile back from the bureaucratic organizations. For every movement, there is a counter-movement and this week’s podcast features Ryan Lockard of Agile Uprising. Our topics include:

  • how Agile Uprising came to be
  • how the ‘take agile back’ movement compares to the original agile movement
  • is change resistance a thing?
  • becoming too attached to the change as a change agent
  • focusing on meaningful change over models and process

About Ryan Lockard

-bumkpQS_400x400Respected agile leader and change agent with over 15 years of product/project delivery experience. Experienced in facilitating agile transformations, creating engaging organizational culture, and improving the software development practices of teams.


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Watch the Video

This is the second installment of the new Lean Change Management Vodcast where you can watch the video in addition to the podcast.

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