LCM Podcast 13 – Sociocracy with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

We underestimate the importance of psychological safety, and meaningful conversations when it comes to running our organizations. In this episode, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez explains the 3 structures of sociocracy, why organizations are choosing it, how they’re getting stuck, and what’s getting them past those sticking points.

Our topics include:

  • what is sociocracy, and what are the 3 structures of sociocracy?
  • why are organizations choosing sociocracy?
  • do organizations see sociocracy as a process or an intentional shift in culture?
  • are some organizations predisposed to this way of working?
  • challenges organizations have with sociocracy and how they overcome them.
  • the importance of psychological safety
  • what do people who don’t like sociocracy do? Do they opt-out? Do they eventually come around?

About Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jerry-K-G-bio-pic-112x150Jerry has been teaching Dynamic Governance since 2005 and has been organizing, educating, and consulting for social justice his entire adult life. He is grateful that his work has been mission driven. Over the years, he has increasingly focused on communication and organizational processes that support human connection as equals.

The organizations with which he has taught and trained include Movement for a New Society, the National Coalition Building Institute, DiversityWorks, Cambridge Youth Peace & Justice Corps, Lesley College Center for Peaceable Schools, Boston College Center for Social Justice, Spirit in Action, and United for a Fair Economy and Class Action.

The application of sociocracy to intentional community is one of Jerry’s areas of focus. Jerry has helped bring Dynamic Governance to the Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community where he has lived since its founding in 1994. Jerry has trained and/or consulted with members of other cohousing communities including Green Haven (CT), Champlain Valley (VT), Burlington (VT), Pathways (MA), Jamaica Plain (MA), Cambridge (MA) and Cornerstone (MA).

Websites: |

Twitter: @sociocracy4all

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