LCM Podcast 14 – Meaningful Change at National Leasing

In October 2015 Jill Forbes from National Leasing reached out about getting some help with using a change canvas in her organization.

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About a year later she wrote a story about what had happened so far.

This week’s podcast, and video chat, closed the chapter of the book! Jill and I explore:

  • how did you get started with your change canvases?
  • how did people react to formalizing change management for the first time?
  • how deep did you go while exploring who was affected?
  • has IT change gotten easier because we’re used to software changing all the time?
  • how did operational readiness happen?
  • how did visualizing the change help?
  • what outcomes did you get, and what were the lessons learned?

About National Leasing

National Leasing helps over 57,000 Canadian businesses secure the equipment they need to help their business grow. They offer a full range of financing services to commercial, agriculture, construction, transportation, forestry, health care, golf and turf equipment sellers. Their 60 sales agents and a broker network across Canada are supported from our head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

About Jill Forbes

jill-profile-2Jill Forbes likes to help people. She currently does that at National Leasing as the Change Management Lead for the legacy systems replacement project. ¬†Jill’s natural habitat is facilitating workshops where she aims to help people think critically, achieve new skills, and save them from death by PowerPoint. Her Lean Change Agent workshop participation, certification in Adult Continuing Education from the University of Manitoba as well as ProSci certification from AdPro help her achieve these endeavours. In her spare time, Jill used to play slo-pitch and skydive. Now she makes music, shuttles her two daughters to their multitude of activities (love them!) and probably watches too much Netflix with her husband.

Video Chat

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