How Lallia Earned Her Storytelling Badge

Lallia Cherif is the newest recipient of our Storyteller badge!Learn how she understood that she is the first person that must change and used the Lean change Storytelling canvas, Lean coffee and the ecosystem of change on her change journey as an agile coach.

How it all started

During her journey as an agile coach, Lallia happened to land on some of Jason’s blogs on Lean Change Management. She found them interesting. That led her to grab Jason’s 1st book ‘Lean Change Management’.
Having read the book, Lallia finally understood that what was doing was change management and now she had found better ways of doing this.

Start with Small experiments

She began small experiments using Lean Change Management (LCM) practices, experimenting with some canvases. Lallia was amidst a big ongoing transformation when COVID 19 brought with it the very first lockdown! She felt stuck and frustrated. But she knew she had to do something about it to move forward. She then attended the Lean Change Agent Foundation training online.
All these learnings together brought her first big internal transforming point where she acknowledged that she is the first person that needs to change. That triggered her own mindset shift.One of the big changes she brought about in herself was that she needed to not just listen, but listen differently and intently. 
Only after that she could decide what she needed to adapt in herself, her responses and actions. For her, that was a big shift!One other big change for her was that she started to understand her role in the ecosystem of change as a change agent. She understood where she was, how she could connect people and bring alignment.
In fact, the Ecosystem of Change as a practice of LCM is her personal favourite. Before knowing this she never asked herself how she was influencing her ecosystem, how people could influence each other, how change happens in waves. 

Lean Change Management has made her resilient.

Lallia started to look into tools learnt during the training such as the B.J. Fogg Behaviour model. Focusing on people’s ability and motivation, she started to understand that people sometimes may not have the motivation or the time or don’t see value in a change or perhaps even have something more important to do at a specific moment in time.This and other new learning got her to review their Transformation Roadmap too.Lallia started to gather insights using surveys and retrospectives. She started to facilitate discussions and align people via Storytelling canvases as a tool to trigger those conversations.Lallia facilitated a number of Lean Coffees in-person and online making it an open, safe and informal format and environment where people could then have discussions.

Lallia’s advise to anyone starting their Lean Change Management journey

  • Read the Lean Change Management book by Jason Little
  • Start doing some experiments by yourself
  • Start with a focus on yourself
  • Attend the training and learn from other’s perspectives
  • Continue experimenting
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