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Lean Change Agent Workshop is Born!

The first two workshops are run in Munich, Germany, hosted by Torsten Scheller who bought the Godfather package. During the workshop, Torsten asked if I had considered licensing the material so other people could teach the class, and the Lean Change Agent Facilitator program was born. Demand grows quickly and sees workshops run in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Australia. Since 2015, over 500 workshops have been run in over 30 countries.

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Lean Change Management: Innovative Practices for Managing Organizational Change Launches

Jurgen Appelo had created Happy Melly and one experiment was Happy Melly Express, a publisher that would sit between self-publishing options, and big publishers, created by Vasco Duarte. They were looking for a book to use for their first experiment: Jurgen was my writing coach, and used a new technique he was working on called The Feedback Wrap to give me feedback on the book. After a few months, it was re-launched in the fall of 2014. Again, in true lean startup fashion, we used IndieGogo to fund the creation of the book which included a Godfather package that would give that supporter the ability to host the first workshop based on the book. There was no intention to actually create and run one, just an experiment to see if there was demand to do so!

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Wow, what an ugly website! Thanks Wayback Machine for keeping that archive! is officially launched with a collection of stories that made their way into the book. It evolved into a less, but still ugly website: Over the years, it’s evolved substantially to be less about selling the book, and more about helping change agents get unstuck.

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